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You can see the real cost of helping our dogs below. If you’re willing to give a ‘gift of new life’ it will greatly help support our pound dogs.

Freedom Ride

Freedom Ride

This covers the average fuel cost for a dog to leave the Pound Kennels and travel to rescue for the start of their new life.


Emergency Boarding

Emergency Boarding in kennels – 1 night

This is required if a dog is still waiting for a rescue space to become available after their 7 days are up in the pound.


Emergency Boarding in kennels – 1 week

Occasionally it can take a bit longer to find a rescue space.  All our dogs are supported in emergency boarding kennels. We have volunteers walking and socialising them.



Leads, collars, tags, and harnesses

All our dogs wear a collar + name tag. We use Cosy Harnesses with a double lead for walking from kennels and on transport runs.  We’ve never lost a dog!


Veterinary Care

Vet Check, First Vaccination, Worm and Flea treatment, plus micro-chipping

Upon exiting the pound after 7 days, all our dogs visit the vet for a health check. For some dogs this is the first time they have ever seen a vet so they require the basics to secure their health and protection.


First Vaccination

An absolute essential as we little vet history on our pound dogs.


Worm & Flea Treatment

An untreated worm or flea infestation is unhealthy for any dog. So we treat every every dog to ensure they are free of both worms a fleas.


Toys + Enrichment

Toys & Enrichment

All our dogs have toys and enrichment items to help keep them occupied whilst in kennels.


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