Hound from the Pound rescue dog Murph

We’re actively seeking people who want to volunteer. Please contact us if volunteering for any of the roles below appeals to you. Even if you can only volunteer a few hours a month, it all helps.

  • Fostering
  • Transporting
  • Dog walking
  • Home-checking
  • Fundraising
  • Promoting

See below for more information

Dog fostering
Dog fosterers are a huge help for rescues, caring for dogs in their own homes until new ‘forever homes’ are found. Dog fostering is a fun and very rewarding way to help rescue dogs, and for many dogs they need more than kennels whilst they wait for an adoptive home or recover from surgery or trauma.

All our Fosters are home and vet checked. Our dogs are introduced slowly to the foster home and resident dogs. All vet, transport and food bills are covered and we hold insurance for this purpose.

Dog transporting
Dog transporters are a vital link, helping to move dogs in to rescue when their time is up in the pound, or from a home that feels they can no longer care for their dog.

For long distances volunteers will often make transport ‘chains’, breaking the run in to shorter sections.

Hound from the Pound operate a safety policy for dogs and their transporters to ensure the process is fully supported and in line with current legislation. We insist all dogs are crated, wear a collar (and tag), a harness and a double lead is used.

Home checking
Lincolnshire is a vast county and all applicants for fostering or adoption are thoroughly home-checked by volunteers. The visit entails chatting to prospective adopters/fosters about the dog they would like to take on and assessing whether the home would be suitable. If you’re new to home-checking you should get some experience by tagging along with someone in your area before trying any solo home-checks. We have our own forms which are downloadable from the website. We welcome a small donation from prospective adopters as this covers the fuel costs of the home-checker.
We are a small organisation with very limited funds. Your help organising and taking part in animal rescue fundraising activities with us can really make a big difference to the animals in our care, and will enable us to help more animals.

We welcome anyone who would like to arrange sponsored events, auctions, raffles etc. on behalf of Hound from the Pound, or even just spread the word about our events.