Our mission: To alleviate the suffering of dogs in the council stray kennels across Lincolnshire.

Who we are
Hound from the Pound is a not-for profit charitable organisation, funded entirely by donations from the general public. We’re made up of a small group of volunteers, dedicated to saving the life of unclaimed pound dogs across Lincolnshire, and beyond.

To date: Hound from the Pound has helped approximately 1500 dogs.

One of our rescued dogs: Crumpet


What we do
Hound from the Pound provides a safe haven for unclaimed dogs upon entering the pound system and after they have served their statutory 7 days. We secure high quality rescue placements with reputable rescue organisations across UK. Hound from the Pound aims to give every pound dog a new life in a loving home of their own. We fund and vet treat each dog and transport them to the rescue. If a rescue placement is not found immediately, we fund placements for the dogs in suitable emergency boarding kennels or approved foster homes. The dogs are then assessed and walked by our volunteers. Occasionally, we’re asked to help dogs from private homes, or those at risk being given away on the selling sites. We’ve also funded life saving vet treatment of stray dogs as a result of accidents or RTA’s, where council funding is insufficient.

Who we work with
We work in conjunction with dog wardens, local authorities, vets and the police, in addition to non-governmental organisations. We also welcome help from volunteers.